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Indian god statue decorated with clours and with jwellery also.

All the statue decorated with metal jwellery is covered with acrelic box and golden box.
witout jwellery statue is without the box and the golden base.


Statue of Ma Durga in 4 regular sizes. these statue are available decorated with golden metal jwellery and decorated with cloures only.


Statue of RADHA KRISHAN available in 3 diffrent size bigest is about 18 inches and smallest is about 123 inches. vailable decorated with jwellery and cloure( without jwellery)


Some of good looking statue of Hanuman ji with available with jwellery and witout jwellery.


Tempel decorated with metal jwellery.
Ma durga bigest statue 20 inches
luxmi ganesh small statue, rigt side lord shiva and left side hanuman ji


Some of gesture lord ganesh diffrent sizes statue avilable with and without jwellery statue


Statue of lord shiva with and without jwellery avialable

Two size of Ram Darbar avialble in beautiful clours and also with metal beads and jwellery.